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We come back and start to work after the National Day Holiday

corn flakes production line, puffed snacks machine, core filing snacks machine  DATE:2020/10/05

We just had our national holiday, short but nice holiday, everything is good except the crowed trffic and people. This holiday include National Day and Mid-Autumn Festival, so it is more important than ever. People can travel or reunite with their families during the holiday. And the moon cake is the most popular snacks during this time.  The National Day Holiday  is a 8 days holiday this year, but we only enjoyed 4 days. Because we are so busy at the moment, so we must back to work. As a professional  manufacture of extrusion machinery, we have so many customers new and old need us to serve. They use our machines to produce snack food, pet and fish feed, or degradable drinking straws/ tableware/packing peanuts.

crowded traffic

snack foodpet food