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Textured soya protein receipe and market outlook

tvp machine, textured protein production line, vegatarian food, vagan snack, drawing protein making machine, soya protein processing eqipment  DATE:2020/10/09

What is the Textures soya protein?

Textures soya protein is a kind nutritional food what taste like meat but made by Soya protein. Its abbreviation is TSP.

Textures soya protein is divided into dry protein and wet protein. The moisture content of wet textured protein is usually more than 65%. It can be used directly during use without rehydration. The moisture content of dry textured protein is generally below 12%, and it needs to be rehydrated before use. Currently in the market, in order to ensure the shelf life of Textures soya protein products and reduce transportation costs, manufacturers dry textured soya protein products before selling them when they are produced. Therefore, most textured soya protein products on the market are dry Textured soya protein products.

 textured soya protein


What is the market outlook of the textured soy protein?

 Textured soy protein can be made into many kinds of delicious food . It taste like meat, but it is more healthy than meat, and it contains more protein than meat. It is vegetarian food, suitable for vegan. The TSP product according to the different quality there are different protein contain (55%-70%)


What's the raw material

The main raw material is  low temperature defatted soy flour (Oil contain better 0.5%-6%)

for good quality TSP we also add isolate soy protein, wheat gluten, Starch and other small quantity ingredient.


What's system of machines need to be included in the entire textured protein production line ?

1. Raw material mixing system

2. Extruding system

3. Drying system

4. Cooling system

5. Packing system

textured soya protein production line